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Frequently Asked Questions
■Address:〒605-0074Yasaka Shrine Minamitonari,Gion-machi,Higashiyama-ku,Kyoto ■Tell:075-533-6369


Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any specialties in your spa, or just a public bath using running water?
It is not hot spring, but the bathtub is made of cypress and a lot of citrons are floating in the water. It is Japanese classic way of heeling which makes you relax.
Q, Where do you serve meals ?
A, We serve dinner or breakfast in the dining room called [ISSINKYO], located on the 1st floor.
Q, Can you cook dinner without any meat and fish?
A, Only if you can have Japanese soup stock called "dashi"which is made from fish and seaweed. Please let us know the details at least 3days before your stay, so the chef can prepare something else than meat/fish.
Q, Can we stay without meals?
A, Yes, you can. Please choose one from the different kinds of packages on our website.. If you don't need breakfast either, please ask us the room rate by E-mail.
Q, How do I get your ryokan hotel from JR Kyoto station.
A, It takes 10-15mins by taxi from any gate of Kyoto station. If you will take a bus, please take bus #100 or #206 and take off at "Gion" bus stop. It takes about 20-25 minutes from Kyoto Station. Our hotel is located right next to Yasaka Shrine. Please refer to our access map.
Q, Can you recommend some places for cherry blossoms and the autumn colors?
A, Maruyama park right next to our hotel is one of the most popular places to see cherry blossom. They light up the trees in spring time. Kodai-ji temple also has events to see autumn color leaves, but whole Gion area has beautiful scenery through year.
Q, Can I stay your hotel with children?
A, I am sorry but children under 13 years old cannot stay at our hotel. If you would like to have only dinner with your children, please let it us know in advance. If you are with children, your table will be prepared in a room of tatami.


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