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guest room/rates
■Address:〒605-0074Yasaka Shrine Minamitonari,Gion-machi,Higashiyama-ku,Kyoto ■Tell:075-533-6369


guest room/rates

The aromatic scent of yuzu(citron) floating in a hot bath is meant to be relaxing,
after your long trip.
We have made hand-made yuzu soap available as well.
The fragrance of yuzu is found to have calming effects. Yuzu also has moisturizing
effect on your skin.





There are a total of 8 guest rooms. Each room has individual tranquil atmospheres with faint scents of refreshing yuzu citron.
The rooms welcome our guests with warm antique Japanese furnishings and subtle arrangements of seasonal wild flowers.
The tranquil setting would make a perfect surrounding for authoring.
The refined and unobtrusive interior decor is meant to bring you peaceful comfort.


-Information about accommodation-

Available rooms: 8 rooms 
(1-3 persons per 1 room) All rooms are equipped with bath and washrooms

Room charge:
\30,000~(unit bath)
\33,000~(Hinoki bath made by Japanese cypress) 
(Per 1 person, dinner and breakfast: not included consumption tax: not included 10% service charge )
It is possible that accommodation fee will be changed according to the day before holiday and season.
We are sorry that we cannot accept child under 13 years old.

Our check-in time is 3:00pm and check-out time is 11:00am
When check-in is superior to 19:00pm, please make a contact beforehand.
There are no parking lots at our hotel. Please use a public parking lot.

If you're not sure of public bath protocol ask our friendly staff or see the English explanation in the Public Bathroom
-Amenities&Room Facilities-
Hand towel・bath towel・Body Soap・Soap・Shampoo・Rinse・Shower cap・Shaving・Comb and brush・Swab・Yukata・Hairdryer・toilet seat with bidet functions・Duvet

We serve Japanese traditional cuisine (called Kaiseki) for dinner at the restaurant“ISSHINKYO” inside our inn.

Starting time
Breakfast(Japanese style or Continental)


It takes about 2 hours to finish your dinner because we would you like to enjoy our special meal slowly and it is served from appetizer to desert separately.
We serve Japanese traditional breakfast at the same restaurant. Please enjoy rice dish which is steamed by classic rice-cooker (called OKUDOSAN).The taste is more delicious than it cooked by the normal rice-cooker. The material comes first.
※Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have something you are allergic to or can not eat.
※We are sorry that we may not be able to meet your expectation because of our food stock if you change meal contents suddenly on that day.

Cancellation Policy

Please understand we cannot accept cancellation on the day

Date when Cancellation of Contract is Notified
Cancellation fee
3 Day Prior to Accommodation Day
1 Day Prior to Accommodation Day
Accommodation Day

The percentages signify the rate of cancellation charge to Basic Accommodation Charges.

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